How to Eliminate Your Taxes By Qualifying as a Real Estate Professional

Is it really possible to eliminate your taxes as a real estate investor?

You can if you qualify as a Real Estate Professional (REP) under IRS regulation.

There’s mass confusion on how it works and using it improperly could cost you huge dollars in back due  taxes and penalties with Uncle Sam.

Today we talk with Brandon Hall, CEO of The Real Estate CPA Company about what it takes to qualify as a REP and how you legally can use it to eliminate your taxes. Brandon is a real estate tax expert who recently published a 12,000 word article that tells you exactly how REPs works and where you can get in trouble.

Watch this episode to learn:
* How REPs status eliminates taxes
* Who will and will not qualify
* Why material participation is so important
* What hours count and don’t count
* How Short Terms Rentals are a little known loophole

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